What we do

Alongside our own projects, we offer our services to organisations and businesses who also want to strengthen or develop connections with people for community benefit.

Our Services

Collaborative Communities Package

In Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works projects participants work towards the same goal – creating a stitched artwork – for the benefit of the whole group as well as individuals within it. Collaboration is key to the way our projects work.

We define ‘community’ as a group of people who are connected to each other. We know that our stitch projects work in building connections between people and place, and to each other.

Who do you wish to connect?

You might be exploring ideas for a creative project which brings together people of a certain demographic for social or wellbeing activities or looking for ideas for ways to work intergenerationally in a specific place, involving people of all ages and backgrounds.

Call us for a chat about how we can help you create those connections.

Our Services

Developing Audiences Package

Are you a cultural organisation that wants to engage with new and/or existing audiences in a creative way? Let us help you build relationships and connect hundreds, or thousands, of people to your venue and organisation, or to a theme, object or collection.

Our practice is inclusive, and we can offer decades of experience running outreach and community learning programmes in the heritage sector. We have a successful track record in bringing together a diverse range of people from all sections of society to create a single collaborative tapestry artwork.

We can work with your target audiences over time to create a bespoke stitched artwork or launch a campaign to get as many people as we can to engage with your project!

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you. We will put together a quote based on your requirements, your audience development objectives and project time scales.

Our Services

Corporate Team Build Package

We offer a team building package where your employees can take time out from their desks and contribute to a bespoke collaborative stitched artwork that will look great in your building and visually remind everyone what can be achieved when everyone works together! This can be great for team morale, have benefits for your employees’ health and wellbeing, bring together your staff for a social occasion and help strengthen relationships and build a greater sense of community within the workplace.

There are various options we can explore with you:

• You can co-design a tapestry kit for all, or a selection of, your staff – this might include the same pattern or symbol, but in different colours. These all come with a set of instructions. The tapestry kits could also make great ‘gifts’ for clients and your staff’s families. Do you have offices all across the country? Why not get everyone involved!
• We can facilitate some workshops to skill up your less confident stitchers!
• Or you could decide on a theme, object, word, photograph that means something to your business; this could be your company logo or reflect your brand. We’ll design a scheme with lots of pieces that need stitching (colours and instructions provided) and then bring it all together in a framed artwork. This would be a great activity for a regular group of stitchers over a period of time; a weekly lunchtime or after work stitch club perhaps!

Let’s have a chat! We will put together a quote based on your requirements and the results you want to achieve.

Our Services

Young stitchers – Arts Award package

Fewer schools these days teach textile and sewing skills – we want to reverse this change and help children imagine a world where they can reuse and upcycle fabrics and clothing and counteract the negative impact that our disposable cultural has on the environment.

Learning to stitch and being confident in using a needle and wool/thread can be achieved without pressure through stitching as part of a collaborative artwork. Being an exhibiting artist is a great incentive to have a go!

Does your school run an Arts Award programme? Children taking part in a Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works project will work with a professional artist and make a piece of related work. Your project can be used for Arts Award Discover or Arts Award Explore (with additional content).

If you are interested in creating a piece of artwork for your school, or local community to enjoy, get in touch!  We will put together a quote based on the numbers of pupils you want to involve and what you want to achieve.

Our Services

Creative Conference package

Bringing people together from your region or UK? Why not surprise them with a small tapestry kit as part of their delegate pack? Conferences are often more memorable when they include a creative element.

We can offer a ‘getting started’ session at conference for the less confident amongst the delegates!

Or, why not ask delegates to contribute their stitches to an artwork which will build during the conference – how about a length of stitched bunting with tags as a way to collect some conference evaluation? Lots of different things we could do to make your conference unique.

We can also offer a talk or workshop on audience development and the community engagement approach of our CIC!

Explore possibilities with us!