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Billesley and Brandwood
Metre Meadow Project

We will be putting the work on display in Billesley soon!

community wildflower ‘sewing’ and ‘sowing’ project to help brighten up Brandwood neighbourhoods and Billesley ward in Birmingham. This project has now been finished, although work is still touring.

We have been collaborating with The Patchwork Meadow on this project.


Our Stories in Stitch

We are no longer recruiting for this project.

How would you represent your life stories and experiences in stitch? Take part in our relaxing and fun evening craft project to find out!

We are working with a small group of residents on Northfield aged 50+

Watch out for an exhibition of the work created!

More projects in the pipeline…

Watch this space!!

Shadow artist opportunities

During live projects Tina Francis would like to offer ‘shadow’ opportunities to help emerging artists with an interest in stitch media projects to develop their practice.

If you would like to apply for one of Tina’s shadow opportunities, please get in contact with