Stitching Day & Night (2020)

During lockdown in 2020 we were funded by the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network Scheme to create a tapestry kit-based product to give away to families and older isolated people across the constituency who would enjoy and benefit from a crafting for wellbeing activity to do together. These were sent out mainly by the mutual aid and Covid-19 response teams working in their communities who distributed them to those already receiving support during the challenges of coronavirus. 

What was the project about?

The idea behind the Stitching Day and Night Project was that children and young people and whole families stitched ‘suns’ and ‘stars’ and gave them as gifts to elderly neighbours, or to people living alone in their neighbourhood. Along with a beautiful hand-stitched sun or star, the neighbour was also given a hand-written postcard and a ‘suction hook’ so they could hang their artwork gift in their window for the family to enjoy as well as themselves.

Through the project we wanted families to enjoy a craft activity and learn new skills, and also to promote neighbourliness, togetherness and help build connections between families and neighbours who are elderly or living alone; offering a creative way for people to check in and build relationships with isolated and vulnerable people during the challenges of lockdown.

"Just received my silver star from E and G at 81, its now hang'n in my window. Thank you so much it was a lovely surprise. If you pass 86 u will see my lovely star hanging in my window."

“The majority of packs were given to elderly members of the community who were shielding. People were extremely grateful to have received these kits at a time of real isolation and loneliness (not to mention boredom!). ​

“Didn't want to give it away but I did, and it was worth it to see my neighbours response. Tears and laughter.” ​

"Thank you for the opportunity given to us to learn and create something new together and make someone happy by thinking of them."​​

Number of kits given to families

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