Monthly stitch sessions for women living in areas close to Soho House. A free project full of heritage, home and heart.

As part of the Lunar Society’s Birmingham’s Commonwealth Heritage project, we are working in partnership with Legacy West Midlands to bring together a group of women from different cultural backgrounds to stitch personal stories of heritage, family and life and to shine a spotlight on the knowledge and light that women carry and pass on to others.

During the project we will share snapshots of the lives of the wives, sisters and daughters of the
Lunar men, and shine a light on the lesser known historical narratives of women who contributed to society during the Society’s heyday.

Much like the original free thinking scientists and industrialists of the Lunar Society who met monthly for dinner and lively conversations at Soho House between 1765 and 1813 (guided home by the light of the moon),  women from the local area will be invited to come together once a month to stitch, chat, create art and learn from each other. 

The art created will be exhibited at a NEW Momabati Festival being organised for Soho House  during Birmingham Heritage Week and as part of an International Women’s Day celebration in March 2024. We will also be stitching together a collaborative lunar-inspired artwork for permanent display at Soho House. 

There will be further opportunities for women and children to come together at Soho House to contribute art to the festival during the summer holidays.

We are also working towards a small publication which shines a light on the artists, their stitching and their stories, alongside the hidden historical narrative of the Lunar women.

Funding for this project has come from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Meet up dates

Soho House, Soho Avenue, B18 5LB
  • 7th June
  • 5th July
  • 6th September
  • 4th October
  • 8th November
  • 6th December
  • 10th January
  • 7th February


Live local to Soho House? Interested? We would love to connect with you.

Contact us to sign up or to find out more:

Call Suze on 07726 230798