Home is where the arch is (2020)

Home is Where the Arch Is! is part of the Northfield Revealed community heritage project being run by St Laurence Church, Northfield 2020-2. We have been commissioned to stitch with hundreds of local people and help connect people with the heritage of Northfield.

Our project is inspired by the 850 year old arched doorway dating at St Laurence’s Church, Northfield.  Today this arch is the OLDEST surviving piece of architecture in the whole of Birmingham! We felt it was about time there was a new arch for Northfield and this one is going to be very special indeed – stitched by the community, by the community. 

Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to stitch at workshops and events as planned, so this whole project has been delivered remotely with people of all ages stitching at home.

Alongside the tapestry archway, we have been collecting community memories from 2020 – addressed to a future residents in 2120.

It’s been a privilege to help create a legacy for the area.

A community tapestry

Here is a tiny selection of the tapestry bricks – there are currently 172 bricks in our gallery. Visit the gallery HERE.

What's happening?

We are currently working on the artwork for this project and creating a book of tapestry and community memories. The deadline for submitting bricks is 11 November.

Watch this space for online showcase events.

Number of individual stitchers
Number of tapestry bricks returned so far

Discovering Northfield's heritage

We’ve been having great fun learning about Northfield’s history, heritage buildings and stories.

We’ve even done our own exploring and made a film for Birmingham Heritage Week using the Northfield Revealed heritage trail and a selection of the stitched tapestries to guide us.

Partners and funders