Between February and July 2022 residents of Billesley Ward and Brandwood neighbourhoods took part in our Metre Meadow project, a community wildflower ‘sewing’ and ‘sowing’ project to help brighten up the area.

What was the project about?

The project was about sewing and sowing for fun and for wellbeing and bringing people age 50+ living in the same area together in a relaxed, safe and sociable environment. 

We met every three to four weeks at Warstock Community Centre and St Bedes Church to stitch wildflower designs.

The metre meadow artworks were created for the wider community and visitors to enjoy (including the bees!) and formed part of the ‘Brighten Up Brandwood outdoor art gallery during the Commonwealth Games (in window displays). They went on display as a set in Yardley Wood Library for three wees in October 2022.

The launch party in July 2022 brought together the stitchers from both groups for the first time.

Collaboration with The Patchwork Meadow


We joined forces with The Patchwork Meadow, a voluntary-led constituted organisation with charitable aims who work across the city to help people brighten up their own neighbourhoods, bring back the pollinators and give people the opportunity to engage with nature on a daily basis.

Lots of free seed packets were given out as part of this project and we sowed 600m2 of wildflower meadow across Billesley ward and Brandwood neighbourhoods, including 250m2 of meadow on Billesley Common, working with the Friends group in October 22. We are looking forward to seeing blooms in the springtime.

Stitching together at workshops

Thank you to Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network Scheme for funding the project.