The Big Stirchley Baths Stitch (2017-18)

This is a case study of a project we ran before Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works CIC was born. It has informed the way we work.

If you swam at Stirchley Baths in the late 1980s you may well remember there was a tropical mural at the deep end of the pool, painted by the Assistant Manager, Paul Jones, to hide the scaffold which was supporting the eroding balcony. This was the starting point for our first collaborative tapestry project which involved 155 different stitchers, stitching over 350 individual pieces over an 8 month project.

These were stitched together in a single large tapestry artwork which hangs in the co-working space at Stirchley Baths. We worked with two local schools, ran family workshops, and stitched with people at public events. A regular group of stitchers also formed as part of the project, and still continue to meet monthly more than 2 years later. This project won a national stitch award in 2018 in the category of Crafting Happier Lives.



Alongside the artwork we created a gallery of most of the contributors. You can see the artwork during opening hours at Stirchley Baths. It has been on permanent display since 2017.

"So proud of my mum being part of this great project, and knowing she has been part of this in years to come.
Thank you."

"I had never stitched before this project and loved taking part."

"It’s made more beautiful by being a collaboration. Great work."