Stitched apple tapestries

Woolly Mammoth were commissioned to help the heritage programme at the Church of the Immaculate Conception (St Mary) and St Egwin in Evesham to create a new community tapestry for the town. This activity ran alongside a renovation project at the church.

Residents of Evesham were invited to stitch either a red or green apple, following a single design. They were also invited to stitch their own personalised mark into their mini artwork.

250 stitch kits were made up for distribution to residents of Evesham, including to pupils of a school and residents of a care home. Sue, the Heritage Coordinator for the church, brought the volunteer stitch team together.

This artwork is inspired by Evesham’s rich heritage of market gardening and the theme of harvest. The final tapestry will be a wall hanging in a mix of vibrant colours which will tour venues in the town.


The Reveal!

On Saturday 21 August the tapestry was ‘revealed’ at the church at a small event. It was great to meet some of the people who contributed their stitches to the artwork. 

Here’s a short film about the event.

That's my apple!

"It’s a great way to get lots of people involved. I have a huge connection to Evesham through market gardening and have loved being part of this, thank you."
"Although I have lived in Evesham for a long time – did not know a few facts, so that was really interesting and enjoyed stitching my apple."
"This was such fun. Was lovely to feel part of the project to be creative for the community."

More about the project in these short films by James, made for the church’s heritage project.